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Connemara (Eau de Toilette 50ml) 
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Connemara (Eau de Toilette 50ml)

A floral fragrance for women, packed in timeless Celtic design inspired by the Book of Kells, Ireland's national manuscript treasure, and reflecting the wild rugged beauty of the Connemara countryside.


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Connemara - The beauty and majesty

Connemara is a floral perfume, based almost exclusively on oils from flowers rather than from fruits or woods, its main ingredients being rose, jasmin, ylang-ylang, lily of the valley and many more.

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Product Reviews
Feels very feminine Posted by Christine on 06/03/2014
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"Ive had all of FoI samples as Im very hard to please perfumewise. I must say Ive been bowled over by all of the aromas. What matters most though is how they react on my skin. Connemara won hands down. Its a floral without being sickly. Its a perfume that makes me feel very pretty and feminine. Very clean and sublime. Ive been sniffing regularly through drydown and Ive never once been disappointed. To me the artwork gives the impression if a more bold, masculine type of aroma but you cannot get more feminine than this. Im going to be returning time and time again for this one. Thank you."
Christmas 2013 Posted by Charlie on 05/02/2014
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"I purchased for my wife, daughter and daughter-in-law and all three were well pleased. All have been to the Connemara which was their favorite part of Ireland; mine too!!"
Connemara Perfume Posted by TLS O'Sullivan on 26/10/2012
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"Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the order I recently received from Fragrance of Ireland. I first purchased a bottle of Connemara a few years back for my wife and she loved it. I have made it a point to keep her supplied, as it is one of her favorite scents. The order arrived promptly and all is good. "
Connemara Perfume Posted by Nancy Gallagher on 09/11/2011
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"The scent is heavenly! I'm so glad I ordered it! (Now we need soap, cream, lotion,etc.) I visited Wicklow in 2006 & 2008. Can't wait to go back."
Feminine Perfume Posted by Pauline Barry on 22/09/2011
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"Discovered this on one of our holidays in Ireland - next time was told it was discontinued - how fantastic to 'find' it again! Wonderful feminine perfume!"
connemara Posted by witsj on 12/09/2011
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"Heerlijke geur en apart, ooit gekocht op een fantasy fair in nederland"
MUST HAVE Posted by Myria Mathews on 05/02/2011
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"Found this perfume on a visit to Ireland several years ago, and LOVE IT. Introduced it to friends and they all agree 'This is a must have' - thank goodness for online shopping!"
Connemara in NZ Posted by Charlene on 15/07/2010
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"I purchase Connemara through my Uncle in the States and he sends it it me here in NZ. There is nothing else like it here!! I treat it like gold. It is the only perfume I will wear. Love the stuff. Cheers from NZ"
Love the Scent Posted by Jan Cushing on 08/03/2010
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"I got this when I took a trip to Ireland and I it is such a lovely scent. I truly wish it was for sale in the states. "
Lovely Posted by MarilynM on 05/03/2010
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"Exactly what I was looking for. Glad I took a chance and ordered it. More like perfume than Eau de Toilette SPRAY. "
Great Scent! Posted by AnnmarieW on 02/12/2009
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"Have worn Connemara for some time now. Fragrance is rich and strong and no need for constant re-spraying to retain scent like other fragrances on the market today. Great scent and great price. Love it!"
Patrick Cologne
Patrick Cologne