Our Inspiration

Inis is inspired by the sea, which gives us the colour, the energy, the freshness to infuse our scent and designs. Inis was launched in 1998 - the UN Year of the Oceans and the year of the Lisbon World Expo with its theme of 'The Oceans.
A heritage for the future'.

The sea and an island give us the powerful message behind Inis, that no one is an island - we are all connected, not just literally by seas but also by our dreams and experience. Inis salutes the growing realisation, entering a new millennium, that we must all change to improve our lives and the planet we all inhabit.

We can all make a difference: A Sea Change - for all of us.
The Story of Inis Video Read 'The Story of Inis'
'The Story of Inis' Video
Artists Interpretation
Read 'The Story of Inis'