Sonas eau de toilette

SONAS – is a gaelic word meaning 'happiness'. There is a wonderful softness and lightness to the word itself that we feel captures the essence of this eau de toilette beautifully.

SONAS is based on one of the first blend of perfume oils perfected by Fragrances of Ireland, it is one of our oldest formulas. For those who love lavender our unique blend of lavender oil has been a firm favourite for many years – this year we have updated this classic using natural essential oils including: orange, basil, peru balsam and ylang ylang and lavender that has been harvested and distilled at our farm house in Kilmacanogue.

During the Summer when the sun is shining and the gentle breeze is perfumed with lavender blooms there is a glorious sense of serenity which we have endeavoured to capture in SONAS. The fragrance inspired our resident poet to put pen to paper;

My heart finds home in nature
In a garden of such sweet serenity,
Happiness is now companion,
In the effortless rhythm of beauty